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The best lineup for every game and every sport. Easier than ever.

A Team Manager's Best Ally

Focus on your game and let the app manage the presence of your teammates for you.

  • Create your team

    Send invitations to your players via Facebook or email to set-up your team in seconds.

  • Have the best line-up

    Sporteo invites for you the best substitutes available according to their position and their skills. Rate your substitutes and let Sporteo manage your lineup.

  • 100% mobile

    Create teams, invite players, create events, rate players and more. Do all of this on your phone!

  • Stay on top of your game

    Get a real-time view of your attending players and substitutes. No more last minute calls to fill up the empty spots!

See for yourself

Sporteo takes care of the boring of part, planning, so you can focus on your game. Take a look at some of our great features.


Become the ultimate team player

Sporteo helps players focus on their game.

  • Easily join a team
  • Receive invitations and reminders for your games and practices
  • Share your availability in one click
  • Get on a list of trusted substitutes
  • Choose your preferred communication channel (email, notifications, Messenger*)
  • * Under development

Every sport. Every team. ONE APP.

Team captains and players, stop looking. Sporteo is the app that allows you to gather all your team communications and sports events in one place. No need to rack your brain, just play!

Get the app now!

Have the best line-up for your next game. Sporteo is available now and it's free!


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